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It is this decade of consistent effort that has helped us becoming Ladakh most trusted travel company and reliable stop for the guest as well as for the agents. The result of one decade long experience in guiding cultural and adventure travellers in Ladakh and Himalayan region. Ladakh travel host knows to deliver the best, you have to start with the best. After all, travelling is the vital activity that gives truly divine feeling and unmatched experience with in depth and vast understanding of the region finally shaped Ladakh Travel Host company to render better services to the guest. Ladakh Travel Host is based in Leh Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir state of India and having its link to the major many countries in the world , the company provides first-rate opportunities and unparalleled facilities to explore the Himalayan Experience . Ladakh Travel Host is one of the tour companies operating in India that has succeeded in carving a niche for itself in the very competitive field of tourism and no doubt its previous one decade of active experience of the cultural and adventure tourism, provided satisfactory services to the travellers around the world travelling to Ladakh. Ladakh Travel Host is registered company under the Companies Act 1956. A company recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and Government of Jammu and Kashmir.Ladakh Travel Host itself is the most ideal role-model for planning your holidays. We expertise in Jeep safaris, sightseeing , adventure trekking, mountain biking and wildlife tourism and winter tourism In addition to our many accolades, we are rated the best handling agent for Ladakh and inbound tourism through our obdurate commitment for services that meet the global standards and our customer-centered approach. We have also fostered strategic relationships with all the major hotels in Ladakh and therefore we have the best possible rates and services from the finest hotel chains in Ladakh. Our customer-centric advance is further emphasized with an exceptional 24x7 customer support service provided by highly trained and motivated professionals. We have thoughtfully diversified our domain expertise and it includes and cultural and adventure guiding, luxury cars, holiday planning, hotels, resorts and guest houses reservations and other major areas of tourism management.Ladakh Travel Host is entrusted as trustworthy and reliable travel agency specializing in travel to Ladakh region and Himalayan region. Combining years of experience in the travel industry and a deep understanding of the Ladakh’s culture, we create fantastic Ladakh tours for our customers so that they may experience the rich history, exotic life style, and breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh. Our mission is to provide high quality services at reasonable prices for both novice and seasoned travellers across the world to Ladakh.


Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff will help you create the best custom travel package within your budget. Whether you are planning your first trip to Ladakh, are returning to explore Ladakh in depth, want to visit mysterious thousand-year-old ancient monasteries, or experience the adventure vibes of Ladakh Himalayan wilderness . Even before your journey begins, you'll enjoy high quality personal service. We make booking your trip a breeze and take care to address any travel concerns you may have before your trip begins. We assure your entire tour would be guided our highly experienced, experienced tour guides will be readily available to ensure your safety, comfort, and enjoyment without any fail.


So to ensure that the best and nothing but the best reaches you each and every time the finest quality services with carefully chosen program for the best clients satisfaction is available with Ladakh Travel host. With the stringent quality checks along the way in some of the most eco friendly places and destinations we create the real enchanting experience. Further guaranteeing you that you get the best from your holiday our guidance and value based services ensuring healthy value retention for your time. When you travel with us your holiday becomes a life time experience and we love to feel our guest most special because you deserve it with Ladakh Travel Host.



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