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Ladakh travel host has designed a most unique holiday trip for the lovers of the nature and the one who love to explore the unexplored corners of the world. There are thousands of unique culture in Himalayas that are still untouched by the heavy influx of tourist mob. Himalayan culture is one of the earliest descendents of the Indian and the Tibetan culture. There are still thousands of people still practising the traditional way of farming and the lifestyle of the people are based on the agriculture and the animals.

Program for 7 Days

Day 1: Flight from Delhi to Leh Arrival from Delhi to Leh: The hour long flight from delhi to leh will take you to the one 3500 metre above the sea level and the breathing landscapes of Leh Ladakh. Overnight stay at Stok village at Traditional Guest house Day 2:Highlight of the day – Stok Place, Shey place and Thiksey monastery Explore the Indus Valley: Start your days with walk through the barleys fields and you are likely to catch the glimpse of the local farmers practising agriculture and irrigating the water to the field. The stok place is the present residence of the royal family of Ladakh. You will see the majestic five storey building with beautiful colored windows and the spectacular view of the valley. The inside the place the royal family has displayed all their precious belongs to the public. Next you will cross the Indus river through the fluttering prayer flags and the summer residence of the Dalia Lama will be seen when you drive to shey Place. Before reaching Shey you will come across many rock craved statues dating back to the Eighth Century BC. Thiksey monastery Next experience the one of the most beautiful monasteries of Ladakh. Thiksey monastery or little Potala Place because this resembles to the one in Tibet. People believe the design of the Monastery had been brought from the Tibet. Inside the Thiksey monastery there are number of temples with historical statues and Thankas. The main attraction of the Thiksey monastery is no doubt The maitreya Statue or future Buddha statue which is the most picturesque statue in the entire Himalayan region. Over night at Saboo village Day3: Today you will experience the Urban Ladakh. Start the driving though the historical Leh town. The Leh town is transforming itself into a major tourist hub. The main market itself used to be the biggest farming land of the King and the merchants from the neighbouring states used to some to Ladakh and practice butcher system. From the lower ladakh fruits used to come and from the changthang region the salt and wool was imported and Leh was the centre so it becomes the ample trade centre for the business. The highlighting monument of the Leh is the 17th century Royal Palace. 9 storied high and hundreds of rooms. Below the palace there is the historical leh town and don’t miss the heritage walk through the old house and narrow passage slowly ascending to the Palace. There was main four gates to enter into the Leh town and all still intact and can be seen through the balcony of the Palace. Above the Palace is the Castle of the king tashi Namgyal who established a maitreya statue and the protector temple of the Palden Lamo a protector deity and it is believed that during the ancient time the Mongolain used to attack Ladakh on several occasion and one once their dead bodies are buried inside it. The view from the Tsemo castle is absolutely stunning and breathe taking. The high winds and the fluterring flags, the mountain ranges and the complete view of the town will make you feel where you are at this height. If you drive further there is the shanti stupa which is emblem od peace for the world constructed under the Japanese supervision and the which colour of the stupa is serene and pure as the Buddha words. The different images and the figures depicting the Buddha life can be seen while you take circumambulation around the stupa. Over Night at sankar village Day4:Highlight Alchi Lamayuru Drive to the west of the Indus Valley. After driving along the river Indus though small hamlets and you will see the apricot trees and apple trees all along the road side while the majestic mountains making their way for you. Crossing river Indus via Saspola Village you will visit the monastery of Alchi. The Legacy of 1000 year old. After the small walk around the village and then we continue to Lamayuru. Overnight in guest house Day5:Lamayuru Likir Leh Highlight- Likir Take the road to the charming village of Likir. There the 15th century monastery of the red hat school of Tibetan school of Buddhism is major source of attraction. The Incumbent of this monastery is the younger brother of His Holiness Dalia Lama. The place is also Known as the Naga own land because it is believe that this place is surrounded by the serpent Overnight at sankar Day6:Khardong la top Khardong la top the highest motorable road in India gives perfect horizon of mountain landscapes and breathe taking adventure. Afternoon leisure time to explore market of traditional thankgkas, artefacts and exquisite clothing. Day 9Fly back to Delhi

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